Grooming:  Our grooming is from Monday – Saturday and we can do from bath and brush out to foofoo styling.  Our groomers are experienced in gentle handling of your pup and work in a stress free environment.  Prices range from just a bath $20 to $45 and includes brush out, nails trimmed, teeth cleaned, feet pads trimmed, glands expressed, shampoo, blow out and spritz and a bow/bandana.  call at least a week ahead for appointments.  We also send email reminders or we just pick up the phone and call for the follow up appointment reminders. That’s how we roll here.  Grooming includes everything in the bath plus the specified cut which range from $45 to $105.  With ad ons that we provide as a SPA Environment such as Sani Trim, Nail Grinding, Special Shampoos or Conditioners, Flea & Tick dips,  and teeth brushed ear plucking…is a little extra. But sometimes quite necessary.  We also do on “SPECIALS DAY” Furmination baths for double coated dogs,  a simple bath and flea dip and all body massage bath. So look for our specials for dates and availability.

Doggie Daycare:  Our Doggie Daycare runs from Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm We allow early drop offs and late drive time for pick ups. We have convenient valet drop offs and pick ups.  Payment is made in advance weekly or for an additional discount monthly. We provide Doggie Daycare by contracted clients at very low rate prices.

small/medium $10 day and Large/Jumbo $15 day. These contracts are filling fast and we are only taking 50 total. So please call for details. Hotel guest accommodations are at our regular daily rate $25 smalls/mediums and $35 Large/Jumbo. Ask about our discount monthly bath rate.

Boarding: Our Boarding is done inside and in kennels for BIGS but are taken out several times a day to play in the 35’X65’ dog run which is covered by a 20X20’ x11.5’ high canopy.  The Smalls have kennels too but have more room to play out of kennel in the building or on the deck at interval times.  They all play together and are vetted very good to make sure there is no danger to any pup. Big or Small I believe all dogs should be playing with dogs and not humans. So they get a lot of interactive time together.  Some need a little more restraint to learn and some just get right into play. We can handle any dog as long as it is not aggressive by nature. Ask about our go home bath rates. Ask about our long term boarding for the overseas military. Our prices range from $20day to $45day.  All must be spayed or neutered and have current shot records. Boarding is paid in advance.